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2015 Seoul International Marathon

▶ Summary

Registrations are accepted from 8th Dec(Mon) 2014
Log on to our official website (, and click the button for registration.

General Instruction and Agreement ▶ Registration ▶ Payment ▶ Register

▶ Registration by fax or phone is not acceptable.

▶ Payment

Payment Method: Bank Transfer

▶ Entry fee must be transferred in your own name.
▶ If there is a difference between a participant and a remitter, please send the transfer receipt for the confirmation to the following number or e- mail.
Fax: +82 2 361-1361

▶ Attention

1. Please read our general instruction and agreement carefully.
2. The conditions in the general instruction and agreement are the official items of understanding and will take effect as soon as you make a registration. If there is a special statement from the Seoul International Marathon Organization Committee, the special statement will be prior to the general statement.
3. If you have not returned a chip from the Seoul International Marathon, the Chosun Ilbo Marathon, or Joong-ang marathon, you cannot register our event. Please register again, after you return the chip.

Tel : Seoul International Marathon Committee : 02-361-1425~7
▶ Chosun Marathon Committee : 02-724-6333
▶ Joong-ang Marathon Committee : 02-2000-6489
4. For our further mailing service, please enter your email address correctly.
5. An emergency contact and blood type is required for medical emergency. Please, correctly enter your emergency contact.

▶ This is Dong-a marathon department.

I notify about payment. Check below for details Overseas credit card payment is for the customer seems to be to decompose.
1st August 2010, unlike previous international card payments, almost certainly 3D certification process authenticating yourself from bank or credit cardfirm needs to be payment policy was changed.
And, almost certainly present in the 3D certified overseas with your credit card payment and need to be seamlessly.
You'll be in progress.
Though abroad may be troublesome for the contact card firm, 3D Must seem to authenticate to proceed to checkout.
International card payments are part of the authentication to go through August 1st,
Visa International, as well as Master and JCB International are also certified by internationalthat payment is in progress
*) Note that for each foreign cards bereavement 3D authentication page and an account of bank transter will be attached.

Registration are closed.

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