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Junghyo Hyun tuned out a victor - Another suspension of the race

The 11th Dong-A Marathon - March 31, 1940 The race started with 42 runners with the course developed a year before. At the race Junghyo Hyun from Inchon became the first winner with a record of 1 hour 29 minutes and 2 seconds. At the awarding ceremony, Kwansoon Baek, president of the Dong-A Ilbo asked the runners to move on with undaunted spirits. As the censorship from the Japanese military government got worse on the pre ss, the Marathon had to discontinue for a long period.

KY Marathon back other 14 years of lapes - 10 new recads produced

The 25th Dong-A Marathon - April 18, 1954 The Koreans looked less passionate for the marathon during the Korean War, but after the war the Dong-A Ilbo decided to revive the Dong-A Marathon to cerebrate the v ictory by Koreans at Boston Marathon in 1947 and 1950. At the race, 70 runners competed against each other and 10 runners broke the record of the Dong-A Marathon. The first winner was Jongwoo Im with 1:23:43 and the second winner was Hongsuk Jang and the third was Kihwan Lee.

Jongwoo Im became the first runner to become the winner for 2 consecutive years

The 26th Dong-A Marathon - May 8, 1955 The 26th Marathon was held in May due to the suspension of the Dong-A Ilbo. The number of participants grew to 90. Runners from the army, air force, Shinheung University, Yangjungko, Soongmoonko joined the race. Jongwoo Im became the winner this year again with a new record of 1 hour 23 minutes and 16 seconds. He was followed by Taebong Han and Joongyeup Lee. minutes and 25 seconds. Kyubok Baek followed him as a third winner..

A rookie Seungchul Han's specfacular debut

The 27th Dong-A Marathon - April 23, 1956 Competition for a new record became more and more intense. Joongwoo Im, the winner of the last Marathon did his best to set a new record but his was outrun by rookies like Seungchul Han from the Marine Corps or Changhoon Lee from Yangjungko. Seungchul Han's record was 1:21:42.

Changhoon Lee became the winner for the first time

The 28th Dong-A Marathon - April 21, 1957 Changhoon Lee who was ranked the 4th at the Melbourne Olympics in 1956 became the first winner finally the next year. He continued to lead the race from the beginning and passed the finish line new a new Dong-A Marathon record of 1 hour 20 minutes and 28 seconds. He was follo wed by Taebong Han and Younghee Lee. At the same day, Jongwoo Im became the 3rd winner at the Boston Marathon with 2:24:55 and Seungchul Han became the 5th winner.

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