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Middle - distance runner Keumyong Song won the race

A wish to set a new record was not fulfilled at the 40th Game again. Keumyong Song, the winner of the race was a middle-distance runner. His record was 2:20:28. He was followed by Myungjong Yoo and Myungkwang Kang.

The Dong-A Marathon grew onfo an international event. New korean recoad set.

In 1970, foreign runners were invited to the Dong-A Marathon making it an international event. Willingford from Canada and Kaneyuki and Yonesike from Japan whose records outstrip Korean runners by 2-3 minutes joined the race. A total of 34 runners joined the race and Chahwan Kim from KEPCO, who won the international race in Hong Kong 4 months ago, outran the Japanese runners and crossed the finish line first with a record of 2 hour 17 minutes and 34. 4 seconds, setting a new Korean record. It was a remark able achievement.




Jaehyung Cho became the winner with poor record

The 42nd Marathon did not produce much. With 88 Korean runners only participating, Jaehyng Cho won the race with 2:19:15.8 and followed by Myungkwang Kang and Myungjong Yoo. The plan to send the new record maker to Boston was scrapped.




Chahwon Kim came back in 2 yeras

At the 43rd Game, Chahwan Kim who was the winner of the 41st Game, won the race. But his record stood at 2:19:34.4. It was about 2 minutes slower than his best record.

Chahwon Kim broke his own Korean record

Chahwan Kim did it again at the 44th Game. As a representative racer of the Korea marathon, he set a new record of 2 hour 17 minutes and 1 second. The second runner Heungjoo Moon and the 3rd runner Jongha Lee also broke the 20 minute barrier.

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