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Heungjoo Moon set a new Korean record

The course was change in 1974 to avoid the traffice congestion and road construction area. At the race, Heungjoo Moon broke the Korean record set by Jaehyung Cho at the 6th Kotyo Marathon 4 months beforethe race. His new record was 2:16:15F.



Heungjoo Moon set a new Korean record

At the 46th Game in 1975, Heungjoo Moon became a star again. Despite the strong winds, he successfully maintained his pace and won the race with a record of 2:21:09.6. Everybody was just amazed by his will and perseverance.

Wonkeun Park became a new star

A new star was born at the 47th Game. Wonkeun Par who ran the full course for the first time won the race with a record of 2:18:20. It was a lot better than what was expected out of him. A total of 127 runners joined the race and 19 runners passed the finish line in 2 hour 40 minutes.

A foreign runner became the winner for the first time

At the 48th Game, a foreign runner became the winner: Masda from Japan with 2 hour 18 minutes and 40 seconds. He was followed by Jaehyung Jo and Shinyeon Hwang.

Wonkeun Park back to the top in 2 yeras

Chahwan Kim did it again at the 44th Game. As a representative racer of the Korea marathon, he set a new record of 2 hour 17 minutes and 1 second. The second runner Heungjoo Moon and the 3rd runner Jongha Lee also broke the 20 minute barrier.




Japanese runner won the first and second place at the race

At the 50th Game, the first place went to Matsusaki, a Japanese runner with a record of 2:17:18. The second winner was also a Japanese. A 10 km course for women opened and Kisook Moon became the first winner and Manhwa Jung won the 10 km race for male high school students.

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